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USC Master of Public Health Online

Meet Shanice Reynolds, Program Concentration: Community Health Promotion


Hello, my name is Shanice Reynolds

And I am an online student in the USDA mph online program with a concentration in community health

Promotion, so why did I choose this program?

Well, ironically enough I always wanted to go to school in California. I thought that was my thing

I mean, I’m from New York City and I just thought any city in California would be just as big and just as lively and Being out there to get an education would be really cool. But once I

Started to navigate through my undergraduate education at the Ohio State University

I realized that distance does matter to me when it comes to where I choose to education and physically going to school

California seems kind of far so I

was originally

Deterred from applying to schools in California

but then I made a change in career paths from pre-veterinary to public health and

As I took my gap year and started working full time. I realized that online programs existed and

decided to look into them and USC’s online program came up as an option which made me excited because again, California great and

As I started to look into the program and compare it to the other programs that I was

interested in I really felt like usc’s program was one that would be a great fit and you know

it just seems like something in which

It’s a very kind of like involved program very interactive

It’s something in which even though you’re online. You can still feel connected to


faculty and staff and to your classmates as well and

That was just you know encouragement for me to apply to the program. I just hope they’ll get in

So, how did the scholarship help me attended USC?

well ladies scholarship was very beneficial because as I said, I was working full time and

I you know wouldn’t be able to afford

program so I definitely had to take out loans and so this

scholarship to help kind of relieve some of that burden of taking out student loans and

Also, it was just encouragement

For going to the program it was kind of like reassurance. I guess you were chosen by you see and look Nikki

It was scholarship


so it was definitely very encouraging for me as a student and

I just was even more excited to start the program after finding that out

I just felt so blessed and happy and really grateful as well

My experience would be online program has been pretty good one. I really enjoy it

It’s crazy and kind of my going how interactive it is and just the levels to which you can do cool things would soon

Especially I mean I didn’t know breakout rooms or anything. So I thought that was really cool and

Just being able to see the professors and see my classmates makes it more personalized

And it just makes it really feel like I’m in class and I’m in school, you know

And I’ve also been able to connect with all my classmates. So from my first semester, which was last semester I have

Made a good bond go formed a good bond with my group mates for one of my courses

and we still text each other and talk about our coursework and

You know kind of help each other out and just help each other. Well just be supportive for each other throughout this program

So I’ve had a good experience thus far and I’m excited to continue this

Degree would really be beneficial for my next steps in public health as mentioned before I

Had attained my Bachelors of Science in microbiology

And so that’s a little general in the scientific realm and by getting this master’s degree

I am kind of directing. You know, my path a little more. I feel like it helps me

narrow down

The ways in which I can go to attain my final career goal. And so this degree will be very beneficial for me

Who provided us all the knowledge and skills at least?

introductory skills that I need to start any job

within this field and so I’m excited about that and I can’t wait to see what comes swallowing the degree and

Currently I am not working anywhere. I

Just moved to Atlanta because I wanted to be able to network

for my practicum experience next year

so I like to plan ahead and be ready and so I wanted to kind of get my foot in the door out here and

Try to meet people in the field and maybe gain mentors of some form

And so I moved out here and I am still kind of job hunting

But that’s it. So thank you so much all of us