Meet Jeonathan Rodriguez, MPH

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Jeonathan Rodriguez , MPH

Program Concentration: Health Services and Policy



Hello, I’m Jonathan Rodriguez. I’m in the Master of Public Health Health Service and Policy track. So I am currently living in San Diego, California. I’ve been there for about two years now, and when I started the program I was actually living in LA.

You would think that being in an online program you wouldn’t make or connections or make friends. But I think it’s just like anything in life, right? If you network properly and you end up making those connections. Even within class, you start asking fellow student questions. Sooner or later throughout the different courses, you find out that there’s likes, dislikes and you sort of bond that way. My current director was, she comes from a Trojan family. So during the interview process, I can’t say that that’s what got me in, but it was certainly a bonding opportunity where we sort of were able to let loose and in turn that made me comfortable. We were able to bond around the fact that we were both Trojans.

So that was very helpful