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Generalist Concentration

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A customizable concentration for students with advanced graduate or professional degrees or those currently enrolled in an accredited U.S.-based medical degree program. Students in the concentration complete the core courses, and their remaining courses are planned with their faculty advisor based on their interests.

Generalist Concentration Courses

Generalist Track - Core Courses

PM 501

Foundations in Health Education and Promotion

4 Units

PM 508

Health Service and Delivery in the U.S.

4 Units

PM 510

Principles of Biostatistics

4 Units

PM 512

Principles of Epidemiology

4 Units

PM 564

Public Health Leadership and Management

4 Units

PM 596

Practicum in Public Health

1 Unit

Generalist Track - Electives

PM 529

Environmental Health: An Epidemiological Approach

4 Units

PM 536

Program Evaluation & Research

4 Units