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Generalist Concentration

A customizable concentration for students with advanced graduate or professional degrees or those currently enrolled in an accredited U.S.-based medical degree program. Students in the concentration complete the core courses, and their remaining courses are planned with their faculty advisor based on their interests.

Core Courses

PM 501 Foundations in Health Education and Promotion (4 units)

Overview and application of behavioral theories to the field of health education and promotion. Examines the determinants of health behavior and strategies for change at the individual, group and community level.

PM 508 Health Service Delivery in the U.S. (4 units)

Historical development of the American health care system, determinants of health care utilization, role of health care providers, health policy, public health services and health care finance.

PM 510 Principles of Biostatistics (4 units)

Concepts of biostatistics; appropriate uses and common misuses of health statistics; practice in the application of statistical procedures; introduction to statistical software including Excel, SPSS and nQuery. Laboratory.

PM 512 Principles of Epidemiology (4 units)

Terminology/uses of epidemiology and demography, sources/uses of population data, types of epidemiologic studies, risk assessment, common sources of bias in population studies and principles of screening.

And choose one of these courses:

PM 529 Environmental and Occupational Health: An Epidemiological Approach, 4 units

An overview of environmental health, identifying issues in assessing effects of exposure on health and potential interventions for reducing adverse health risks. PR: PM 510 and PM 512

PM 536 Program Evaluation & Research, 4 units

Overview of concepts, tools, data collection, analysis methods and designs used to evaluate health promotion programs. Examples from substance abuse prevention, family planning and reproductive health programs.

Track Total: 20