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Global Health


Change the World Through Global Health Leadership Finding solutions to global health problems requires a highly trained and interdisciplinary workforce. By specializing in Global Health Leadership, you can increase your understanding of global health issues and make a difference for communities around the world. Learn more about this track now :

Global Health Courses

PM 525 Culture and Health: An International Perspective, 4 units

International variations in health status with a focus on the impact of socioeconomic status, politics, environment, education and gender in etiology of illness, access to health care, progression of disease and recovery

PM 536 Program Evaluation & Research, 4 units

Overview of concepts, tools, data collection, analysis methods and designs used to evaluate health promotion programs. Examples from substance abuse prevention, family planning and reproductive health programs

PM 565 Introduction to Global Health, 4 units

Current public health issues and research topics relating to 21st century challenges and threats. Lessons learned and best practices to strengthen public health systems and enhance public health readiness and preparedness

PM 576 Global Health Research and Programs, 4 units

Introduces students to the core concepts and methods of planning and implementing health-related programs and research in resource-constrained settings, including tools for program planning and management, practical considerations for program implementation in developing country contexts, and methods for monitoring and evaluation

PM 577 Global Health Law and Human Rights, 4 units

The course identifies and discusses the complex interactions among law, health and human rights, with particular emphasis on the use of human rights norms and standards for public health thinking and practice. The course provides the basis for literacy about modern human rights and the links to public health, including core principles, key documents, institutions and practices.

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Frameworks for analysis of the interactions between health and human rights will be introduced and applied, including effect of health law, policies and programs on human rights, health consequences of human rights violations, and the linkages between promoting and protecting health and promoting and protecting human rights. Topics including sexuality, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS will be used to illustrate and explore practical applications of human rights to global health.

Track Total: 20

Global Health Careers

Globalization and the worldwide increase in demand for health care services continues to fuel the need for qualified global health leaders.

Job titles in Global Health Leadership can include:

  • Global Health Consultant
  • Health Systems Analyst
  • Global Health and Safety Manager
  • Global Health Program Manager / Proposal Manager
  • Community Specialist, Global Health and Health Care
  • Salaries for global health leaders vary according to organization and level of responsibility, with high-level positions in some organizations being well into the six-figure range.

Organizations that employ global health leaders include:

  • Multilateral agencies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN)
  • Governmental agencies, such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • NGOs and disaster relief organizations, such as the American Red Cross
  • Foundations and philanthropists, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Consulting agencies, such as Deloitte and Abbott
  • Research and academic institutions

USC’s Global Health Projects Map

View our project map to learn how USC’s faculty and students are leading global health initiatives around the world.