Day in the Life of USC MPH Online Student | Annie Pham

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Learn about our nationally-recognized Master of Public Health online program from those who know us best – our graduates.

Annie Pham, MPH

Program Concentration: Global Health

What is your favorite part of the USC MPH program?

“Besides training me into an efficient health worker, the USC MPH program has given me opportunities that I have never imagined for myself.

I had a great time learning about global health policies at the 70th World Health Assembly. I was also awarded a research fellowship with Operation Smile, who has offered me a permanent position.”


My name is Annie Pham, I’m in the Global Health track. I went back to school to get a Master of Public Health because I saw a lot of clients in my, or the private practice I was working at. There were a lot of underlying health issues that’s unrelated to the personal injury case and I really just wanted to figure out why. So that just, kind of sort of, a looming question, I was like, I need to know. So that puzzle, I need to figure out. So that’s why I went back to school.

Through the  USC MPH program I actually got a position with Operation Smile, which is a charity NGO who does free cleft lip and cleft palate surgery around the world and I also get a position at the NIH doing a project called Face Space. So we working on a software for syndrome recognition, so it’s very exciting research and through the program.

The chosen thing is something that is recognized worldwide, so it’s great. Definitely should be a Trojan.