Day in the Life of MPH Student Tara Reza, MPH

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My name is Tara Reza -Global Health concentration.  I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, but I went to USC for undergrad in Los Angeles, and then stayed out here. I chose to pursue an Master of Public Health because I volunteered in three or four different hospitals, and I always felt like there were a lot of things that I would be frustrated about, or I wouldn’t understand fully.

Health insurance, you know, the rate of homelessness in the ER, and things like that where I felt I needed more knowledge to actually make a discussion or have, have an argument or make a discussion. And so I decided to pursue my MPH degree before going to medical school because I felt it would give me a more well rounded picture of the entire system. And the problem like, whenever I start caring for patients, like looking at the whole picture.

Being a Trojan really meant a lot to me, and completing my MPH with USC was unforgettable.