Day in the Life of an USC Master of Public Health student – Alexandra Bodan

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My name’s Alexandra Bodan. My track is epidemiology and biostatistics, and I come from the county of Los Angeles. I live in Doherty. The MPH program most definitely does offer flexibility. I work a lot. I work 40, 50, 60 hour work weeks. I manage research on the side. So, having an online program is very comfortable for me. To be successful in the online program, it really does require a lot of self-organization and discipline and adherence. You are given a timeframe to meet, but you’re allowed that flexibility to kind of work around your schedule. But you have to make sure that you plan ahead of time. So, for me the key to success was at the beginning of the semester I would sit down, open my calendar, and write out the entire semester and what I was gonna do in order to succeed. And I had a lot of help from the enrollment advisers and the staffing from the MPH program.