A Guide to the World Health Organizations

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If you are working toward your Master of Public Health online, you are likely already aware of the top organizations working toward a better global health system. But did you know that many international health organizations in developed countries provide less than 5% of the healthcare costs in the developing world? On the other hand, in certain underdeveloped countries, their contribution may comprise as much as 20% to %0% of total healthcare expenditures.

The Global Public Health

Whether it is a multilateral organization, a bilateral organization or a non-governmental organization, today’s world health organization is one that focuses on a variety of initiatives, programs and projects. Some examples include:

  • Development of model health care systems
  • Strategic planning for campaigns against tropical diseases
  • Research and drug development to address threatening pandemic diseases
  • Providing equipment, such as x-ray machines
  • Water supply and sanitation projects

Top International Health Organizations

Some of the top international health organizations include:

  • The World Health Organization
  • The World Bank
  • The United States Agency for International Development
  • Project Hope
  • The Centers for Disease Control

To learn more about these organizations and what they do, view the infographic below:

An infographic about the worlds health organizations by Keck School of Medicine of USC

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