Roksana Karim, MD, PhD

Photo of Roksana Karim, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine
Core Courses
Biostatistics/Epidemiology Concentration

Dr. Karim joined the USC faculty in 2007, soon after receiving her doctoral degree in Epidemiology at USC’s Department of Preventive Medicine. She has a medical degree from Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. Dr. Karim teaches Epidemiology and Research Methods for the MPH online program and the undergraduate program of Health Promotions within the Department of Preventive Medicine.

Her major research interest is women’s health, particularly the impact of menopause and sex hormone concentrations on atherosclerosis/cardiovascular disease and other age-related chronic inflammatory outcomes, including bone density and cognition. She also has vast interest in HIV-associated endocrine and cardiovascular complications in women and children. Dr. Karim received multiple awards and recognition for her research work and has more than 45 publications in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals.