Victoria Cortessis, PhD

Photo of Victoria Cortessis, PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine

Dr. Cortessis’ professional activities are dedicated mainly to teaching and research. At undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels of instruction she teaches epidemiologic methods and epidemiologic approaches to understanding chronic disease; she also brings the perspective of population science to interdisciplinary instruction in clinical-translational research.

Her primary scientific identity is as an epidemiologist, but her research integrates approaches from anthropology, epidemiology, human genetics and molecular biology. She uses two general approaches in her most longstanding research addressing complex etiology of urogenital malignancies and congenital disorders: conducting hypothesis-driven studies at USC, and collaborating with international consortia to accelerate forms of agnostic discovery that require extraordinarily large data resources.

She has more recently concentrated on disparities in cervical cancer, a topic in which her expertise in complex cancer etiology intersects with her long-held interest in the health of Hispanic communities.