MPH Scholarship Spotlight: Lauren Gianchetti

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Lauren Gianchetti

Philadelphia native, Lauren Gianchetti, is a newly admitted USC MPH online student and scholarship awardee. In a recent interview, Lauren shares about her experience and her choice to attend USC online. Hear more on her journey to be a force for change in the world of Public Health. Congratulations Lauren!


Why did you choose the USC MPH Online program?

I chose the USC MPH Online program because of the great reputation of the Preventive Medicine faculty at USC. Being on the East Coast in Philadelphia, the online MPH program made instruction by these brilliant faculty accessible with out uprooting from the East coast.


How did the scholarship help you to attend USC?

Since I am pursuing the fast-track, one-year MPH, I have had to reduce my hours at work to part-time. The scholarship has helped me to make up for costs that I have lost due to moving to part-time work and full-time school.


Tell us about your experience in the MPH Online program? What have been your favorite classes and experiences so far?

I have had a great experience in the MPH online program so far! I was unsure at first if I would be able to motivate myself enough to get my work done with an online format, but it has exceeded my expectations. My favorite experience so far was the community project that we had to complete in PM 501: Foundations in Health Education and Promotion. This project gave me the chance to meet my classmates and work with them on a project even though we aren’t physically in the class together. It also gave me the opportunity to work with a community organization and learn more about what they do.


How do you see your degree affecting your next steps in public health?

I believe that my MPH will help me to take the next steps in my career in public health. I am excited to learn more about analytical methods in public health. This is something that I feel I wouldn’t be able to learn without taking graduate level courses and is what I have always been interested in.


Are you currently working, interning, or volunteering? If so, where?

I am currently working part time as a research coordinator at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I work with a research group that conducts epidemiological studies focusing on infectious diseases. Right now, my main project is a COVID-19 antibody study!


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