Why Get Your MPH Degree?

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As a health professional, your skills are already changing and saving lives close to home. But what if your medical expertise could extend beyond your local hospital or clinic to benefit a whole community, even an entire population? If the idea of improving and protecting the health of patients on a national or global scale appeals to you, you may consider earning your Master of Public Health degree. Besides the obvious perks the industry has to offer, you may be surprised to learn of several other important benefits earning an MPH degree can bring.

Distinguish Yourself

The medical field is always growing, but it remains a competitive job market to crack. Earning your MPH degree quickly turns you into a distinguished candidate for a variety of employment or educational opportunities from employers looking to hire or do research with the best and most qualified applicants. Public health courses teach valuable critical thinking skills, and they afford students a keen understanding of how even the smallest decisions shape a patient’s and, by extension, a community’s, health.

Enjoy Job Security

Job Security in Public Health Professions

Image via Flickr by Oxfam International

Those who choose the path of public health stand to gain more than just a sense of pride for contributing to the betterment of the world. Unlike so many other careers in our economy, public health’s future is bright and steady. It accounts for 50% of the fastest-growing jobs in the U.S., with a competitive salary and the added bonus of being able to find a position just about anywhere in the country or, if you’re so inclined, the world.

Become a Specialist or a Jack of All Trades

One of the most appealing aspects of the public health industry is the way it provides its workers the opportunity to master one field or branch out into many others. If your passion is environmental health, you will have every resource necessary to master it. Or, if you would prefer to educate others about many different social health issues, you could work as a health educator. Public health is one of the most diverse fields to work in, and all of them are critical to world health.

Cater to Your Interests

Cater to your Interest in Public Health

Image via Flickr by UNICEF Ethiopia

For some, a job’s appeal goes beyond the salary and how many paid vacation days it allows. Perhaps you’re interested in travel, experiencing other cultures, or learning new languages. An MPH degree can offer all of that should you choose to take your skills abroad. Countries all over the world are in need of public health workers, giving you the chance to see foreign lands and interact with their citizens, immersing yourself in their culture and seeing firsthand how your efforts affect their lives.

For decades, public health initiatives have been solving health crises all over the world. From stifling cholera in Haiti to combating malaria in Tanzania, public health workers have fought tirelessly to promote healthy lifestyles across the globe. With an MPH degree, not only can you join that battle and make an impact, but you can enjoy the many personal benefits it has to offer.