University of Sourthern California

Meredith Franklin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine Biostatistics/Epidemiology Concentration

Dr. Franklin’s research interests are in environmental statistics and epidemiology with specific focus on the application of spatial statistical methods to climate and air pollution data.

  • Spatial statistical methods for modeling and analyzing multi-scale spatial data and processes including field measurements, remote sensing data, weather/climate model data, census data and transportation data.
  • Spatio-temporal interpolation of observed, high-frequency climate data for the purpose of evaluating parameterizations and processes represented in global and regional climate models.
  • Quantification of uncertainty in climate model outputs and propagation of this uncertainty when coupling climate to other physical models (hydrological, agricultural, economic).
  • Development of functional regression models for dealing with spatial misalignment of environmental data.
  • Epidemiological assessment of the human health impact associated with exposure to fine, ultrafine and chemical components of particulate matter air pollution.